Applying new technologies by creating proof-of-concept in short sprints


 ROS software development
robot solutions


Conversational UI

Internet of things

Connect intelligent devices to your cloud

Would you like to do a pilot for a innovation project?

Iterate in short sprints

Development is done in short sprints of 1-2 weeks. After each sprint the results can be checked.


Instead of creating documents we focus on creating a proof-of-concept to quickly validate your idea.

Combine different technologies

Creating a seamless solution with different technologies.

Accelerated development with open technologies

Making use of open technology allows us to create a proof-of-concept quickly.

Start small and add features when needed

We focus on the core idea and only add features when needed to quickly show a proof-of-concept.

Focused on the users instead of the technology

Technology should solve a problem for the user and not be the goal of the project.